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Provocateur is a mesmerizing masterpiece of French neo-burlesque fantasy that fuses a sensuous celebration of the female form with the high arts in sheer early 1960s Parisian euphoria. Cunningly interactive, the bombacious beauties of The Moonlight Dolls Burlesque Revue illuminate the stage with frisky and flirtatious musical numbers that surround almost every open space of the posh, multi-leveled Prohibition Supperclub. This evening of opulence is accompanied by succulent, world-class cuisine presented by costumed servers whose appearance seductively suggest an illusionary ambience of L’occupation Française. In electrifying feats that will leave you breathless, this tantalizing retro-parade of tease is also joined by jaw-dropping aerial acts whose passion and precision fashion an atmospheric element that is undeniably European. Provocateur will leave you wanting for more.



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